- What size should I get? -

Below is our size chart. If you feel like you are between sizes, we always suggest to bump up to the next size! Better to be a little loose than too tight! Remember though, while you are in labor in bed, you will want to keep the back completely open anyways, so that will give you a little extra room.
Sizing Options:

Bust- up to 43.5 inches
Bump- up to 46.5 inches
Length- 38 inches
Pre-Pregnancy size 2-8

Bust- 43.5- 47.5 inches
Bump- 46.5- 51 inches
Length- 40 inches
Pre-Pregnancy sizes 10-12

Bust- 47.5 – 50 inches
Bump- 51- 56 inches
Length- 40 inches
Pre-Pregnancy sizes 14-16

Bust- 50-53 inches
Bump- 56-60 inches
Length- 42 inches
Pre-Pregnancy sizes 18-22

- Do you offer monogramming? -

We are unable to offer monogramming at this time. Do you know of someone close to you that does? If not, please check out the following link for a retail location near you! Nearly all of our boutiques offer personalization. Give them a call or drop in to pick one up!
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- Will hospitals let you wear them? -

As labor nurses, we have designed them to be completely functional for any procedure or situation that could arise in the hospital!
Technically, you are able to wear whatever you like while in the hospital. When they mention for you to change into a gown, just smile & say that you brought your own :-)
Some hospitals will suggest that you not wear them during surgery so we suggest to just call the hospital that you will be delivering at to ask if you can bring and wear your own gown, as long as it is functional (which Posh Pushers completely are!)
If you will be having a c-section, you will more than likely be in bed for at least 12-24 hours with a foley catheter & for that Posh Pushers are perfect to recover in and to wear for all of those special first visitors!

- When do you expect your out of stock sizes to be available? -

We know that we are short on some sizes and we are working our quickest to get our supplies replenished. At this point we are expecting to be fully stocked again by the end of summer. 

I need a Posh Pusher like, yesterday! Where can I get one quick? -

-Amazon Prime has them ready to ship out as soon as you order. You can get them in 1-2 days if you order through them. 
-Website orders are shipped within 1-3 days, then typically take 2-5 days depending on your location. 
-Need one today, check out this link to find a retail location near you. 
-Don’t have a location near you, let us know!! We would love to reach out to them and tell them they have locals nearby that would love to shop there!! Wouldn’t hurt for you to give them a ring and suggest Posh Pushers as well ;-)

- How functional are Posh Pushers? Are they breastfeeding friendly? -
As labor nurses, we have designed them to be completely functional for any procedure or situation that could arise in the hospital. The sleeves completely unsnap for full access and the back has soft closures all the way down the back. They are perfect for IV, anesthesia, and breastfeeding access. 

- Do you have other fabrics available that aren’t listed on www.PoshPushers.com? -
-No. We have been in business for several years and therefore display many previous customer photos on our website and social media. We love customer photos and like to show them off, but what we have for sale at the current time is what is available.

- How soon should I order? -
-Posh Pushers are based on pre-pregnancy  sizes, so you can technically order anytime or even before you get pregnant if you love them as much as we do! If you are a last minute gal, we suggest to at least order by 32-33 weeks in case your little one decides to come a bit early.